Wednesday, August 1, 2012

America's Mothers Gain Access to Huge Grants and Scholarships From Obama's New Education Program

During this time of financial crisis, American moms have a pleasant relief. It is nothing but about scholarship money. The President Barack Obama has taken care of the educational need of the American moms. The President's new stimulus package provides plenty of scholarship money to eligible American moms to complete their degree education. The grant money called Pell Grants is expected to increase the career ambitions of moms for better paying jobs.
The Obama's scholarship for moms is provided to all eligible applicants based on the application called Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). From the information given by the applicants; a standard formula is created to select the eligible moms. An Expected Family Contribution Number (EFC) is created and this will be the deciding factor for the award of grant.
The applicants for Pell Grants must be US citizens or other eligible non US citizens. Also they should have completed high school or equivalent education and be eligible for undergraduate studies. The Pell Grants are usually available to undergraduate studies in general or professional disciplines.The study may be either regular day, part time or an online course.
Usually the Pell Grant is given to the students by providing it to the school account or paid directly to the student. The schools must inform the student about the disbursement of grant and give the grant once in a semester or at least twice in a year.
In the United States, almost all schools and universities participate in the federal Pell Grant program. The guidance offices in these schools and colleges provide necessary help in filling the FAFSA application. The students are expected to produce the documents in respect of their income, family status and work history to be considered for the award of the grant.

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