Friday, June 22, 2012

Leapster Explorer - The All New Educational Device From LeapFrog

LeapFrog is doing its best to maintain competition with the handheld devices like the iPhone, iPad Touch and the Nintendo DS with the announcement of the Leapster Explorer, its next generation educational gaming-device.
The explorer has features like a 3.2 inch sharper touch screen with a resolution of 230x420 pixels and a meliorated processing power which allows it to run Flash-based games, 3D graphics and videos. The Explorer was launched on July 12th with 18 Leaplet Learning-Apps and 12 games at a price of $69.99. The Apps are cognate to some small and simple educational games that are found in the Apple App stores. The two-pack Learning Apps cost $14.99 while the cartridges of games cost $24.99. The launch titles are inclusive of Disney Fairies, Wolverine and X-Men, Ben 10, Dora the Explorer, Disney Princesses, Toy Story 3 and The Penguins of Madagascar.
As stated by the San Francisco Chronicle, Explorer is also being billed by LeapFrog as an eBook reader and claims that children can read them in the Tag library. It also has a $24.95 camera accessory that is available and has the potential of unlocking new experiences of gaming like the visual scavenger-hunts.
LeapFrog has made a move with a price tag of $69.99 which is relatively affordable. This should be able to appeal parents who are on a budget. With the help of Explorer, kids will be able to learn school-skills, life skills, creativity and much more. The learning experiences encourage them to discover new stuff ever day as there are unlimited ways to learn while playing from ebooks, games, videos and more.

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