Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Our New Education System

Throw out the old standards of reading, writing, arithmetic. Forget the patriotism of the founding fathers that gave us liberty and freedom. Make sure we recite the Pledge of Allegiance with politically correct words. And let's learn about the environment and its global warming.
As your little ones go off to school, keep in mind that our new education system is one that is more globally focused and that sheds any influence of its national patriotism. The new motto is "We Are The World," rather than "God Bless America." Everything reflects on banishing the thoughts of traditionalism, and to progress to new standards that are more worldly compatible.
The new criteria has dumbed down our generations, and the mindset has indoctrinated our children for Liberalism. Each generation gets a little more off track from traditional ethics. It is replaced by Liberalism and relativism rather than absolutism and in some cases truth, which must take a backseat to compromise.
Look around at the result. Our teens today forgot how it is to be respectful. As God has been stripped from our society, they have been indoctrinated with the narcissism of this age that has encouraged them to question authority. They get out of college and expect jobs that puts them right at the top. And somewhere along the way they have lost touch with common sense. The education standards have slacked and some of our teens are as dumb as nails having no initiative. They lost sight of our American system. The only "system" they know is the latest video game console.
No child left behind has come to mean that no child will be given a failing mark. In some Liberal districts, educators are restricted from passing the whole class until all children exceed so that the self-esteem is not harmed. If they can't pass, the grades are curved so that each one can succeed. So the whole standard of the class is based on the dumbest kid.
Experiments of the 21st Century
Goals 2000 led the way for a politically correct environment where global indoctrination could be introduced into the schools. It was a radical experiment, but it brought in the Liberalism that helped fuel the declined of public education. The idea was to socially prepare students for the future. It focused more on recognizing alternative lifestyles, different family structures, and to instill in them the right to activism.
They have been redirected from the knowledge of the principles of the Declaration of Independence and the rights of the Constitution, of what men have fought for to bring them freedom, but they sure know that a family can be made up of two mommies, that single parenthood is normal, and that you can have safe sex by using a condom. And if you get that wrong, there's always the "right to choose."
The message they have been taught by some of your teachers is that war is evil and is the result of greedy Capitalists who want more oil. They have been led to believe that Democrats are good and Republicans are selfish. And they want you to know that with the government's help, you can have what you can't provide for yourself and that it should be a right.
Social Experimentation
It isn't by accident that the heritage of our country has been suppressed. Your children are under a grand social experiment where they are taught that "We are the world." They are being told that to recognize multiculturalism, we have to know about the customs of world cultures, as they are more important than our American culture. They want us to know that we are all one on this big ball we call Earth. And while that may be true under God, they want you to believe it without God, because not everyone believes in this "God."
Our Hijacked System
The reason for this shift in education isn't because we have become wiser than our primitive ancestors. It is because global Elitists have found a way to indoctrinate our generations. In an interview with G. Edward Griffin, Norman Dodd, Directer of Research under the Reese Commission in 1954, revealed that several tax-exempt agencies took over the education system in the 1950's. Foundations like the Rockefeller, Ford and Carnegie Endowment were given the power by government to restructure the education system. But these foundations were actually fronts for Communist and Socialist agendas. Their mentors were followers of Socialists such as Karl Marx and Cecil Rhodes.
What the heads of the foundations vowed to do was to reverse the student's influence from an American mindset to a Social Union style mindset. In that manner, they could indoctrinate students towards globalism that they, the Elitists, control. Their goal was to redirect students from the knowledge of the principles of the Declaration of Independence and of the Constitution, so that in the next generation they would have a Socialist world view. Our generation is experiencing the effects right now. Social Security, National Banking, multi-tier tax system, and government funded education are all influences of Socialism..
History Re-Written
In that interview with Griffen, Dodd claims the foundations set up an agency, called the American Historical Society, in which they hired their own people to oversee an operation to rewrite history so that it was compatible with their new agenda. The Elite then positioned their agents in strategic places in education where they would control the boards, assuring the progression of their agenda.
The plan is for the heritage of America to be exchanged for a Liberal Socialist style mindset where the Elitists have control over the masses. Through public funding, the government would be used to offer incentives to districts that used their syllabus. Many have caved since funding is slacking. Home-schooling has been a problem for their plan, since home-schooled children have access to information that exposes their historical tampering. In the future, there will be bills proposed to regulate home-schooling so that mandates can be put on the criteria.
The plan is to get all citizens on board with their agenda for a New World Order. Some agents in the government are doing all they can to stifle the voice of those in criticism with the agenda. They want no one to stop their fascist dictatorship. And they will try to get to your children through the education system. The same tactic was used by Hitler. Just another example how it mirrors the Socialism system.
Our Defense
Wise parents can monitor their children's teaching and question what they learned. They should discern the tactics and head it off by "debriefing" their children to know the truth. And that is why you need to be active in your child's education.
Attend school board meetings and have a voice. If they shut you up, remind them that this is your forum as well. Better yet, run for a position and be involved directly.
And most important, if you are concerned, then vote the party politicians out of office. Keep your ears open for grass root movements that eventually will unite to have a strong influence.

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